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Stay informed:

We share information about news, events, and resources in the community for people with limited incomes to our email list of more than 300.

Attend events:

We host Quarterly Shared Learnings where we inform providers, businesses, and community leaders about available resources and opportunities. When service providers and community leaders have the best, most up-to-date information they can better help their clients gain access to services.

Build relationships:

Attend Hub meetings and other events to discuss gaps in our current services and network and to work together on solutions. We believe that building relationships and making connections is a critical to creating the conditions for improved coordination and collaboration.


We support partnerships or collaborations that emerge from the Asset Building Coalition network. Thurston ABC serves as the convener, facilitator, grant writer, and coordinator for partnerships and collaborations. Sometimes we help a new partnership effort get started and sometimes we become the coordinating entity for a collaborative effort. We have supported a variety of collaborations among our network partners. Over the years our support to collaborations has included coordinated advocacy efforts, joint grant applications, one-time training or event support, and long-term program management.


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There are no requirements or fees for general members. View a list of current members.

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