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What is Bank On?

Bank On is a national program that connects people with banks and credit unions to help individuals who are either unbanked or under-banked to get second chance bank accounts.


In 2012, the Thurston Asset Building Coalition launched the Bank On Thurston program. In Thurston County, there are 3,009 people who are unbanked, meaning without a bank account, and 14,200 people who are under-banked, meaning they have a bank account, but are relying upon high-fee credit or check-cashing services. Our Bank On partners are willing and able to work with individuals regardless of past money problems, credit reports, ID problems, or income.

Certified Bank On Accounts

View a list of the Bank On certified accounts nationwide. 

How to Become a Bank On Certified Bank

Banks need to meet Bank On National Account Standards to be certified. 

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