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About Us

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The Thurston Asset Building Coalition (TABC) mission is to connect partners and community resources to promote opportunities for people with limited incomes to become more resilient and prosperous.


We envision a Thurston County wherein all individuals and families can live, work, meet basic needs, and prosper. 

Who We Are

Thurston Asset Building Coalition was formed in 2012. We are a network of social service providers, healthcare agencies, financial institutions, community and economic developers, educators, workforce developers, faith communities, businesses, government agencies, coalitions, and individuals. We are a coordinator and mobilizer of partners who serve people with limited incomes Black, Indigenous and other People of Color, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA people, veterans, rural communities, and others through collaboration among non-profit, for-profit, and public partners. 

What is Asset Building?

We define asset building as the strategies and supports that broaden and stabilize an individual or family’s resources – whether it be income, savings, housing, healthcare, education, or food – so that they may lead healthy, productive, and satisfying lives. 

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